Dior Launches New Social Media Marketing Campaign

The House of Dior is making news by being one of the first couture brands to launch a social media marketing campaign to introduce the fall 2013 collection.  The Dior social media campaign strategy takes into account social media sites like Facebook and YouTube as well as TV and other digital platforms to create a comprehensive reach to prospective audiences.

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The move to connect and engage with audiences shows the iconic French labels move to stay ahead of the fashion competition and gain recognition for the fall 2013 line.

Dior has released two commercials “The Secret Garden” and “The Secret Garden II”  set inside the Château de Versailles and set to the music of Depeche Mode through on YouTube and Facebook which show the collections in an abstract way.  Dior fans can also see behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the commercials on DiorMag and Facebook.

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How does your social media marketing stack up to Dior’s plan?

Social Media isn’t a stand alone marketing tool; for it really means using a host of multiple online tools that take into account the online, mobile and tablet experience.

Three ideas to keep in mind when creating your personal or companies social media plan are to Engage, Create and Transcend.

Engage means to catch the audience that you want to read your content in the places they are located. Where does your audience spend the most time online?  Are they pinning on Pinterest, reading news on Bloglovin’, or watching videos on YouTube?  The key is to know where they hang out online and provide easy access to your content.

Create new opportunities for your target audience to discover, learn and participate in news and sharable experiences. People like to be the first

to know the news, what is trending and the latest gossip so give your audience what they are looking for and they will naturally share your content.

Transcend the online experience by providing meaningful connections between your fans, their conversations and communities of interest. Varied personality types are online, despite their difference they can form an online community around a common interest, theme or idea; so give this audience what they are looking for and connect them in a strong online community which can be connected through your online content.

Think of these three ideas the next time you begin your social media marketing campaign to get your strategy off in the right direction.

Burberry launches the virtual Kiss Campaign

Luxury brand Burberry looks to captivate and capture the digital marketplace with the new Kisses Campaign that allows you to send a ‘virtual’ kiss-sealed letter anywhere in the world.

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This social media marketing promotion, powered by Google, is in direct response to recent trends indicating apparel is the fastest-growing shopping category online; and reflects how the new consumer is choosing to shop online rather than in a store. Previously luxury brands saw the Internet as a discount shopping experience and avoided the Internet; but with shoppers flocking online brands such as Chanel, Calvin Klein, and Louis Vuitton are embracing social media and have found large followers on their Youtube channels.

Burberry Kisses 2

The Kisses campaign is very innovative, aiming to connect the Burberry with younger audiences and shows the evolution  of luxury branding by directly connecting to people where they spend the most time in a playful manner.

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Sending a virtual kiss is easy.  You simply need to take a photo of  your most perfect pout with a mobile, computer or tablet device. Next, simply color in your lips by choosing one of five available Burberry lipstick colors. Next, you can write a note ( a romantic one would be perfect, don’t you think) to your favorite someone and send via email.


The website uses street and landmark imagery to follow the kiss’ journey to the final destination.

The idea is really quite adorable and I am hoping makes the art of the writing a letter popular again; for a girl can never receive too many love letters you know.

While the campaign is quite new, it is so popular Burberry is planning soon to unveil a new Kiss campaign using Google Lightbox.  Google Lightbox  is another innovative marketing experience for it turns a simple online ad into a nearly full screen canvas advertisement.

Well enough of the tech talk for now and here’s hoping that you receive many new Kisses in your inbox soon.