Grey Nails at Prabal Gurung for #NYFW fall 2015

Grey nails debuted on the runway at the Prabal Gurung fall 2015 New York Fashion Week show to my delight.

Grey Nailpolish

The sporty, fall collection is inspired by a trip to the Adirondacks and so the beauty reflected a very healthy look.

Honestly, Grey seems an odd choice in nail color at first, but the color is very fresh and interesting and while different isn’t so intense as some of the black and dark blue shades that have been popular in recent seasons. Gurung designed this particular shade of Grey used in the runway show for Sally Hanson.  Unfortunately, I don’t know when it is going to be released so I will be checking out my local drugstore to see when it is available and will share the news with you when I find out an answer.

Looking to Connect With New Beauty Brands

Do you know of a new beauty brand looking for publicity?

 Screen shot 2014-08-03 at 10.30.40 AM

I am looking to connect with new beauty brands to feature.

So, if you know of any new brands or products please drop me a line at and let’s talk.

Have a beautiful day!

Christian Louboutin Launches the Most Expensive Nail Polish on the Market

Christian Louboutin announced the launch of his beauty collection this week; and the first offering in the collection is an assortment of nail polish. 

Screen shot 2014-07-30 at 6.36.27 PM

Ironically nail polish is part of the Louboutin story, for early in his career he grabbed nail polish from an assistant to paint the sole of a shoe to make it more decorative and so the legend of the ‘Louboutin red shoe’ was born. 

The nail polish collection launches on August 31 and will include 30 colors in different categories labeled Pops, Nudes and Noirs. The most famous shade will most certainly be Rouge Louboutin (in red of course) currently available online at Saks Fifth Avenue for $50.00; which makes it the most expensive nail polish on the market.

Despite the price; the nail polish is a hit as a recent check of the Saks Fifth Avenue website revealed a special message saying, “Due to high demand, a customer may order no more than 6 units of this item every thirty days.” I find this message interesting since the nail polish formula is created so two coats give the effect of 20 layers of traditional lacquer; so I wonder what people are doing with all of that nail polish?

The Rouge Louboutin bottle and cap are different from the rest of the collection, measuring at eight inches which is the same length of the heel on the Louboutin Ballerina Ultima shoe (featured in a David Lynch collaboration). 


Dior Marie Antoinette Inspired “Trianon” Beauty Collection

Dior is inspired by 18th Century Marie-Antoinette and her private domain, the Petit Trianon, for spring beauty 2014.

DIor, House of DIor, Heather Neisworth, Neisworth, Bementioned, Eiffel Tower, Louvre

The result is a beauty collection filled with every Macaroon shade that Ladurée can produce and a gorgeous compact in the design of a Fontanges bow.


 The Vibrant Colour Brush( in Corail Bagatelle) is in a fresh pop coral and is right on trend as this shade is being seen on lips and cheeks this season. Just don’t wear this shade on lips and cheeks at the same time.


And while I want the entire collection, my first purchase will be the limited edition Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer in Porcelaine. A shade that would be beloved by Marie Antoinette since this hue is seen throughout her country home the Petite Trianon.


I visited Versailles and the Petite Trianon a little while ago and will soon post some photos of my trip, so please stay tuned.

Do You Know the Ingredients on your Beauty Labels?

Everyone is busy these days so it’s hard to find time to read the small print to see the ingredients in your makeup, skin and haircare products; and yet it’s important to remember to check these ingredients (even in your toothpaste) so you know what you are putting on your body.

apothecary_bottles_01 (1)

Unfortunately, I don’t always understand what ingredients are in a product.  So to help my readers make the most of your time here is a beauty ingredients cheat sheet to help

So to help you make the most of the time, and to help empower you to make better beauty decisions, here is a list of the six more commonly misunderstood terms to watch.

1. “Patented” or “Pantent Pending”

Patents can be granted to companies that manufacture or combine materials in new ways. But just because something is patented doesn’t mean it works and so it may not live up to the marketing hype.

2. “All natural”

Just because a product says it’s ‘all natural’ doesn’t mean the product is organic or chemical-free. After all, chemicals are “natural,” too so don’t be afraid to Google a word or two to see if an ingredient is natural or not.

3. “Organic”

The US Department of Agriculture certifies organic food ingredients found in cosmetics, but not essential oils or plants used for cosmetic purposes. To carry the USDA Organic seal, a product must contain at least 95% organic food ingredients. Other countries have their own organic certification labels, such as COSMOS and NaTrue in the European Union and NASAA in Australia.

4. “Hypoallergenic”

Think this guarantees you won’t have a reaction? Think again. These products can still contain ingredients some people are allergic to, including preservatives and fragrance.

5. “Fragrance-free”

These products may not have a noticeable smell, but can still contain “masking” scents to cover up ingredients with unpleasant odors. Look for the words “no fragrance added” instead.

6. “Non-comedogenic”

While non-comedogenic products are usually oil-free and therefore less likely to cause breakouts, there’s no guarantee they won’t. In fact, many contain dimethicone, a known acne aggravator.

7. “Helps pre-mature aging”

Perhaps the most appealing of all claims from a consumer standpoint is this statement. If a product truly prevented premature aging by affecting the structure of the skin, it would be classified as a drug and therefore would require FDA approval. Manufactures circumvent this by utilizing the fact that sunscreens prevent premature aging by decreasing the damaging effects of ultraviolet light on the skin. Therefore, if a product contains sunscreen, it may state “prevents premature aging’ on the label.”

8. “Paraben”

Butylparaben, Methylparaben, and Propylparaben are all common chemicals found in makeup, deodorants, scrubs, soaps and even toothpaste.  Parabens have been linked to Cancer, and really who wants a Parabens in their mouth (yuck) so thankfully due to consumers speaking up companies are removing Parabens from products and many are even labelled Paraben-Free.

9.  “Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP”

Did you know many nail polishes contain these harmful toxins that can damage your nails, be harmful to your body and are linked to Cancer.  Thankfully there are companies out there like Butter London that do not contain toxins in their collection of nail polishes.

I hope this list helps you the next time you a making a purchase for yourself or for one you love.

The first step to change is awareness so let’s get the conversation started and started being aware of the ‘ingredients in our beauty and health’ products so we can all make healthy choices.

Red Carpet Nail Trends from the 65th Emmy Awards

The Emmy Awards took place in glamourous California on Sunday evening and as the drama built onstage the red carpet looks were even more dramatic with stunning gowns by all the designers you love and the new fall trend ” lacquered nails as accessories” created by Essie.

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I can’t rave enough about Mad Men’s star Jessica Pare teal blue dress Inspiration.  I also wish I could be an actress and sing “Zou Bisou Bisou to John Hamm, but that is another column.  Jessica’s nail accessory look was created with the Brooch The Subject to compliment her dress and create a classic Hollywood look worthy of a future icon.


 Julia Louis-Dreyfus shimmered in a structured silver Monique Lhullier gown and to accent her look the perfect flush of pale pink Blushing Bride was chosen to create a uniform look between fashion and beauty.

Don’t forget “lacquered nails as accessories” have ruled the runways at New York Fashion Week as seen at Ruffian and Zang Toi and the trend actually began with the Ruffian Moon Manicure.


Christina, bementioned, heather neisworth, mad men

Christina Hendricks rocked the red carpet with her signature curves and dark and edgy nails that refused to fade into her black dress designed by Christian Siriano. To achieve this look Stylenomics, a rich dark green hue, was layered with Skirting the Issue, a Wine, Burgundy, Purple mix, to get a fresh but glamorous look that popped against her emerald accessories. 



 Connie Britton ornate “Ottoman Empire” inspired peacock blue silk velvet strapless gown from designer Naeem Khan stood out against a glam take on the French tip. To get this look start with Go Overboard all over nails, then apply Lux Effects in As Gold As It Gets on the tips, fading down onto the base of the nail. 

Anna Faris

 Anna Faris shined in a Greecian Inspired Sunny Yellow Monique Lhullier gown so in this fashion case her manicure and pedicure were pared down so they wouldn’t distract from her look; Sandy Beach, a sheer and natural nude, was used for a polished look. 

These colors are so beautiful I feel like adding them all to my collection and I will begin with the Go Overboard  and As Gold As it Gets to create my own unique twist on a French Manicure.

What Emmy Red Carpet trend will you be wearing this fall?


Ruffian launches a brand new Lacquer Line with Birchbox

Ruffian, the design house known to popularize the Moon Manicure, has launched the line’s first lacquer collection with Birchbox just in time for the New York Fashion Week Spring 2014 shows.

Ruffian launches a new Lacquer Line with Birchbox, facebook, #NYFW, spring, beauty tips, Birchbox, crowdsourced, fall, fall 2013, mac makeup, makeup, nail polish, nail trends, New York Fashion Week, Ruffian, spring 2014

Ruffian is known being innovative with accessories, right down to their custom created nail art in recent shows, and the popularity of their nail designs helped launch their first ever nail lacquer collection.

I recently reported on Ruffian’s snakeskin nails which were part of a brilliant Goth-Sherlock Holmes inspired Fall 2013 collection at New York Fashion Week and it looks like the designing duo wants to continue their beauty accessory success.

New York Fashion Week

This line contains two collections.  The Crowdsourced Collection, which borrows its name from the tech world, contains three colors handpicked from the designers’ Facebook followers. Shades include “Hedge Fund,” a sophisticated olive oil shade of green mixed with a golden shimmer, “Delirium,” a bright, saturated purple with an eye-popping metallic finish and “Fox Hunt,” a rich orange with a touch of shimmer.  And while the colors are spot on for the fall 2013 season the lacquers are made to last with a chip-resistant, high-gloss formula.

Ruffian-Birchbox-Crowdsourced-Collection-e1376950629775 (1)

The second collection is called the Classics containing the already famous “Ruffian Red” brick hue that fashionistas swear by, with two more of their well-known shades: a creamy neutral beige named “Ruffian Naked” and a smoky black “Cire Noir.”

Refinery 29 has reported models in the Ruffian Spring 2014 show at New York Fashion Week will be wearing the Crowdsourced Collection, so if you want to be ahead of the beauty trends you can wear these shades now to show you are in the beauty know.