TSA-Approved Beauty Vending Machines

It is possible to get beautiful ‘on the go’ with innovative TSA-Approved beauty vending machines that can be found in airports around the world.

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I recently encountered the Benefit beauty vending machine on a recent trip to New York City and was thoroughly impressed with the selection and the ease of convenience.

The Benefit Glam Up and Away Kiosk offers travel size TSA-friendly products so any lipstick, foundation or Mascara purchased can easily go onto the plane and passes all TSA size requirements.

As I like to feature the latest developments in the world of beauty, technology and commerce, such as the Kate Spade Interactive Store in NYC, the Benefit beauty kiosk is a truly innovative way to combine a fun, functional and interactive shopping experience while also maintaining a retro-like boutique experience.

While still a vending machine, this kiosk offers instructional beauty tips and tricks on a computer screen to create a comprehensive and informative shopping trip that is positive and helpful.






Marc Jacobs Pop – Up Shop Only Accepts Tweets as Payment

Marc Jacobs opened a Daisy fragrance Pop – Up shop in Soho during Fashion Week with a social media twist. This unique shop did not accept money and only accepted social currency in the form of Tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram photos.

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The innovative shop was brought in part by the large amount of Social Media love given to Marc Jacobs fragrance Daisy, which has one of the highest engagement levels on Facebook.  Fans of the fragrance often go to great lengths to publish innovative photos, personal drawings and accolades on Social Media and so this shopping experience was a good way to ‘thank’ fans and launch a new Daisy print campaign. Pop – Up shoppers used the Hashtag #MJDaisyChain as payment for Marc Jacobs-branded gifts ranging from perfume, necklaces and purses.

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This marketing experiment was also a reflection of  fashion houses like Dior and Kate Spade entry into the Social Media market and finding new and innovative ways to sell their luxury products to a target audience.

The use of Social Media currency shows the ongoing struggle for companies to accurately measure the actual ‘value’ of a Social Media campaign or more specifically the cost of a Tweet, Facebook Like or Instagram photo.

So while companies continue to engage in Social Media campaigns to uncover the actual value of engagement, fans get to benefit from the innovative ways companies are engaging audiences.

Fall Fashion Trend – Madonna Wears Fishnet Tights for Harper’s Bazaar

Madonna returns to the fashion spotlight, and takes a break from Tweeting, for the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar wearing a perfect pair of Fishnet tights that are right on trend for Fall 2013.


Fishnet stockings were seen all over New York Fashion Week for Fall 2013, and in Madonna’s fashion shoot by Terry Richardson she wears Danskin tights that are retailing for $15.00. In case you are not up to donning a pair of Fishnets, here are some other stocking styles that are trending this season.
  • Sparkle – Think sparkly and shiny Hoisery, perfect for the upcoming holiday party.
  • Lace – Lace stockings, like those from Alice + Olivia dress up any outfit, and if you have a pair of ripped Jeans place them underneath for an unexpected surprise.
  • Dots – Big dots, small dots and every size in between.
  • Hearts – My favorite trend this season are tiny hearts all over my Hoisery, check out ASOS sheer heart tights for a sweet and delicate look.
  • Opaque – Think rich colors of deep Black like those from Kate Spade or shades of Burgundy or Navy Blue.  

Special Note: The word “Denier” means the measure of density for tights and stockings. The higher the Denier count, the more opaque they are; so if you’re looking for a very dark opaque look, search for a Denier count of 80. The most sheer Denier count is 5.

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Top Spring 2014 Beauty Trends from New York Fashion Week

Spring 2014 Beauty Trends

Casual Buns and Low Ponytails

Rejoice the low Ponytail is back in all forms: messy, sleek, wavy and everything in between.  Seen at the Zang Toi, Honor and Jason Wu shows this timeless classic is now ready to gain the respect it deserves and women everywhere can rejoice at the simplicity of the look.

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Orange Lips

Orange is the next big color and it showed up on the runways on lips in electric hues as spotted at Rag and Bone, DKNY and at Dennis Basso.

No Makeup

Many designers went so beauty basic the makeup wasn’t there.  To achieve this look you just need some moisturizer and concealer, a dab of blush and a touch of liner. I usually think of this look as the weekend brunch look and I don’t feel it is appropriate for the office but designers like Alexander Wang and Proenza Schouler make a good point to return to basic beauty.

Metallic Eyes 

Glitter and shimmer is all the rage for Spring 2014.  Once reserved for the tween-set, metallics are all grown up and can be used as a primary shade on the eyes or as an accent for those less bold. Charlotte Ronson, Carmen Marc Volvo and Jenny Packham

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White Nails

Simple white nails are the hottest thing for Spring; and it doesn’t matter if they are matte, shiny, or glossy.  Just think White and your nails will be on trend or ready for nail art designs that are becoming the rage at Kate Spade and Nanette Lepore.

Brown Lips

Brown is back and stronger than ever as seen at Derek Lam and Chris Benz. While the look is reminiscent of a Grunge look this lighter shade is more now and really appropriate for this fall season.


Moon Manicures

The Moon Manicure continues into spring as a major accessory. Now evolving into multiple shades and colors from humble origins on the Ruffian Runway, and Lela Rose shows.

I plan on wearing the Ruffian Moon Manicure now for fall. What trend will you be ready to wear for Spring?  Or is there a trend that you will be wearing now?

Nordstrom Monitors Customers Cell Phones to See Their In-Store Shopping Behavior

Technology is taking a larger role in shopping as last fall giant retailer Nordstrom admitted to installing a new technology in stores to monitor customers cell phones to see their in-store shopping behavior.

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Ironically, this trend was shown in a more open way in which Kate Spade recently launched a Virtual Store in New York City that was widely popular and required shoppers to use their cell phones to make purchases; while other retailers like Family Dollar, and specialty stores like Benetton and Warby Parker use tracking technology inside the stores.

Motivated to find similar information the online giant Amazon obtains when a customer browses through the site; Nordstrom installed a system in stores that followed Wi-Fi signals from customers own Smartphones. The idea of the program was to measure consumer sentiment by tracking the movements of each customer and determine what departments they were visiting and for how long they looked at an item. Video surveillance also provided additional information to track the ratio of male and female shoppers.

Nordstrom did post a sign telling customers about the surveillance.  Despite consumer acceptance of online tracking tools such as cookies, and the popularity of sharing Social Media sharing sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Flickr; customers responded with numerous complaints forcing the company to end the test in May of 2013. As the online debate on privacy continues in the news, Pinterest  responded to user requests for privacy by giving users an option to avoid being tracked online.

Personally, I find it very positive to see companies responding to customer requests for privacy, and I encourage everyone to be vocal on your feelings regarding invasion of privacy if it is online or in a store.

Kate Spade opens virtual stores

Kate Spade is embracing Web 2.0 by opening digital storefronts and offering 24-hour delivery in New York City to launch the new Saturday collection of clothes and accessories.


Capitalizing on mobile shopping trends, the virtual stores have no inventory and no store associates on site. This experiment will begin to redefine the shopping experience and directly responds to consumer needs to purchase items ‘on demand’.

 The four shoppable interactive windows, created in partnership with eBay, are being placed in formerly vacant retail stores and contain clothing and accessories in the window. The colorful windows allow people passing to casually window shop.

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If something catches their eye, a large touch-screen displays the online items so each customer can browse and obtain specific product information any time of the day.


Making a purchase such as this funky iPad case is as simple as entering a mobile phone number.

A confirmation text is sent and following approval, a messenger will deliver the products within select NYC areas within an hour for free.

Payment takes place upon delivery; similar to purchasing take-out.

Only time will determine if consumers only want the ease and convenience of mobile shopping; or will continue to value  the in-store sensory experience with human interaction.

I hope the traditional store continues to stay ‘popular’ for I appreciate nothing more than to experience shopping ‘in person’.  For me the experience is key, it means to touch, feel and try-on a soft Cashmere sweater, or hold a beautifully crafted leather purse or to schedule lunch with a friend after shopping or simply to receive help from a friendly retail clerk.