My new beauty routine with Clarins

I have a new beauty routine with Clarins and I couldn’t be happier with the positive results to my skin.


Right now my skin is in that in-between stage; I need to protect it from the harsh winter weather but don’t want to over moisturize and cause breakouts.

So when I was invited a few weeks back to a Clarins event at Bloomingdale’s I was eager to find out about the latest product innovations from one of my favorite French beauty lines.

Here I was introduced to a new Clarins beauty regime which uses Double Serum, followed by Multi-Active Day Cream, then finishing with Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate.

The Double Serum is a fueled with 20 pure plant extracts.  Just a small pump covers the entire face and I learned the Serum is key to helping other beauty products like face and eye cream work more effectively. The Serum contains healthy ingredients like Musk Rose Oil, Organic Green Banana, Kiwi and Lemon Thyme and sinks quickly into pores.

Because I am always in such a rush in the morning, in the time it takes me to take a few sips of my coffee, I can apply the Multi-Active Day Cream soon after the Serum and follow with the Super Restorative New Total Eye Concentrate. In fact the Eye Concentrate really requires just a pea-size squeeze to adequately cover both eyes which I learned after squeezing a large pump of product in the beginning.

I also learned a very important step before applying any of these beauty cream and that is to ‘heat’ up the product with your fingers before applying as this makes the product more effective on your skin. After a few weeks of using this new routine, I have to say my skin looks noticeable better so much so my Fiancé noticed and asked what I was doing different with my skin. Better yet my skin looks better at work and I work long days so even around the end of the day my skin looks fresh and hydrated.

So I have to give an enthusiastic numbs up to my new Clarins beauty routine which is taking me “beautifully’ from winter to spring.


Loving Clarins Instant Light Comfort Oil

It’s cold in the East Coast and here in Washington, DC it is very windy and yet my lips are not suffering this winter due to Clarins Instant Light Comfort Oil.

heather neisworth

Actually I am a bit of a lip balm addict, always trying a new brand or flavor.  So recently when I was invited to attend a Clarins event at Bloomingdale’s I was introduced to Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil.  The Raspberry oil instantly won me over with the delicious smell of fresh Raspberries.

Then I used my lip comfort oil for a few days and magically when I was headed to the metro, battling cold weather and even colder wind, my lips were magically soft, hydrated and didn’t hurt. It seems the mix of Hazelnut oil, Organic Jojoba oil, Mirabelle oil and Raspberry oil really does soothe, plump and soften my lips.

So if you happen to see my on the DC or NYC metro looking very happy on a very cold day you will know why I am smiling.