Friday Night at Bethesda Row with DKNY PR Girl

This Friday at the Bethesda Row, I had a wonderful opportunity to meet DKNY PR Girl, ALiza Licht, in person.

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Aliza is the New York fashion publicist behind the popular DKNY PR Girl Twitter account and is known as much for her witty style comments and her adorable alter-ego illustrations. Aliza was very gracious and as you can see in the photo we both adore the shade of Cherry Tomato.

Heather Neisworth, DKNY, Social media, New York City, NY FashioN Week

Aliza was signing copies of her new book Leave Your Mark, which is a book about mentorship, personal branding, Social Media and along with good tips to succeed in your career.

Georgetown cupcakes, cupcakes, heather neisworth

This evening also included perfectly sized Leave Your Mark deserts by Georgetown Cupcakes, as well as a fashion show featuring Bethesda Row boutiques to make a special night and the perfect start to the summer season.


Sample Bementioned Communications

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  • 1 Page Social Media Analysis
  • Social Media Calendar Template
  • 10 Pre-Written Customized Tweets
  • Social Media Writing Tips
  • 10 Pre-Written Customized LinkedIn or Facebook Posts
  • Additional business tips, tricks, educational opportunities and inspiration from our exclusive e-blasts

The regular price for this program will be $325.00, but for our trial-run, we’re offering an exclusive price for only $80.00.

This unique package offers a vital bundle of brand-boosting benefits created for your unique needs, such as a customized Social Media Analysis to help you understand the current state of your online communication efforts, pre-written posts, writing tips, a social media calendar, access to our tips and tricks newsletter, educational publicity webinars and more.

The Social Media Star program promises to benefit every business, no matter what stage of development you may be at and we love the challenge to help each individual need. If you are interested please drop me a line at to sign up or inquire further information.



“Bementioned” Personal Branding Consulting Services

Bementioned Personal Branding Consulting Services launches today.

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So exactly how does Bementioned work?

Bementioned is a personal Branding boutique with the singular focus to help ‘you’ tell your story in a digital world.

Today more than ever it is vital to know what your personal brand says about you when your name is searched on Google, Facebook or any of the many social media sites.

Bementioned can help you understand your current brand story and help you establish, redefine and grow your reputation online so you can Bementioned even before you meet people face-to-face.

Our services run from social media mentoring, strategy, online marketing, public relations and training.

We love to work with all kinds of people from social media newbies to season professionals so we would love to hear from you.

Burberry launches the virtual Kiss Campaign

Luxury brand Burberry looks to captivate and capture the digital marketplace with the new Kisses Campaign that allows you to send a ‘virtual’ kiss-sealed letter anywhere in the world.

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This social media marketing promotion, powered by Google, is in direct response to recent trends indicating apparel is the fastest-growing shopping category online; and reflects how the new consumer is choosing to shop online rather than in a store. Previously luxury brands saw the Internet as a discount shopping experience and avoided the Internet; but with shoppers flocking online brands such as Chanel, Calvin Klein, and Louis Vuitton are embracing social media and have found large followers on their Youtube channels.

Burberry Kisses 2

The Kisses campaign is very innovative, aiming to connect the Burberry with younger audiences and shows the evolution  of luxury branding by directly connecting to people where they spend the most time in a playful manner.

kisskiss1,Burberry Technology,#branding, fashion, technology, trench coats, social media, google glass, couture, burberry, couture, Google, lightbox, mobile, shopping, Tech Trends, anthropology, online marketing, social marketing, london

Sending a virtual kiss is easy.  You simply need to take a photo of  your most perfect pout with a mobile, computer or tablet device. Next, simply color in your lips by choosing one of five available Burberry lipstick colors. Next, you can write a note ( a romantic one would be perfect, don’t you think) to your favorite someone and send via email.

The website uses street and landmark imagery to follow the kiss’ journey to the final destination.

The idea is really quite adorable and I am hoping makes the art of the writing a letter popular again; for a girl can never receive too many love letters you know.

While the campaign is quite new, it is so popular Burberry is planning soon to unveil a new Kiss campaign using Google Lightbox.  Google Lightbox  is another innovative marketing experience for it turns a simple online ad into a nearly full screen canvas advertisement.

Well enough of the tech talk for now and here’s hoping that you receive many new Kisses in your inbox soon.

Make your name (your personal brand) your phone number

Make your name (your personal brand) your phone numer

Personalization is a special feature of tech gadgets that allow anyone to bond closer to their toy.

Love your Droid or iPhone? Of course you do, because you have personally chosen the Apps you use, the placement of Apps on your Screen, and maybe even have a picture of your favorite furry or human friend as your personal screensaver.

The process of customizing technology allows you to demonstrate your personality and showcase your brand. Now, Sprint is giving customers the opportunity to use their own name as their official phone number. In essence these numbers are a tech version of a vanity license plate and can be your name, Twitter handle or a favorite nickname.

The “StarStar” service is $3.00 a month and is being offered through a company called Zoove.

I’ve written about the new importance of your online personal brand and Facebook search; and how it is vital to think of how you are perceived in every online medium (web, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ect) and now there is another way to reinforce your brand value and recognition.