The Flowers of Paris

The Flowers of Paris dot the city and when I visited Paris this summer I was amazed to find blooming, colorful flowers on every walk.

The pictures are so beautiful I simply had to share.

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Who can resist heart-shaped flowers.  Perfect for any token of love or to decorate any wedding ceremony.

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Too many variations of pink to count in these stunning blooms.

photo (14)

These healthy Hydrangea liven up any space in dramatic Purple and Green.

The flowers of Paris really are magical.

The Doors of Paris

The Paris Adventure continues and I have to say it is hard to blog when all I want to do is to be out and about walking in the city.

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What amazes me the most are the beautiful doors in Paris.

Where do these door lead and who lives in these homes? 

This door was found near the Hotel De Ville near the Île de la Cité on my morning walk to the Louvre.

It’s wonderful to be inspired on every walk.

Paris Adventure at Printemps in the Louvre

I just landed in Paris and started my Paris adventure at Printemps in the Louvre Carrousel.

Printemps Louvre

While the Louvre museum had just closed,  I discovered the largest most adorable purse at Printemps in the Louvre Carrousel Mall.

You never know what to expect in Paris, and that makes the trip all the more enjoyable.

Please check back tomorrow to see more Paris adventures.


My Top 5 Travel Beauty Tips

I carry around my makeup bag everywhere, but most of those products don’t fit the “TSA 3-ounce rule;” so I am unable to take them on a plane which means I worry about looking my best when I arrive to my destination, which is Paris this summer by the way.

So here are my 5 Top Beauty Tips to keep you looking fabulous when your plane lands on your next special trip.


1. Freshen Up – I like to see if makeup has strayed anywhere and clean it up before reapplying my makeup. Handy and compact, i.d. On the Spot eye makeup remover by Bare Essentials is infused with an alcohol-free formula that contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for sensitive eyes; and it is important to be take care of your skin in the low-humidity, dry-air environment of a  pressurized plane cabin.


2. Brighten Up – Fight those pesky under-eye circles with a little touch-up of concealer. I use Amazing Cosmetics Concealer which is waterproof and perfect for any airport reunions that may have some tears. Remember to apply by starting at the inner corner (the inside of the bridge of your nose) and working to the outer edge of your eye.


3. Sport Some Color – Swipe some color on your lips with Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick Duo. I do a natural look when jetting so I love the  Neutral – Lychee shades in a light and more dramatic pink.


4. Get Polished – Get rid of any shine on your beautiful face with Guerlain Meteorites Travel Touch Voyage Powder.  A smaller version of the iconic Meterorites pearls, this lush powder formula leaves skin matte and translucent and the packaging is beautiful.


5. Get Scented– Before I leave any plane, I like to get scented and dab on my favorite scent.  Lately, I am all about solid perfumes and in particular Tocca’s Bianca fragrance with the wonderful notes of Green Tea, Sugar and Mandarin. Putting on my personal scent gets me centered and refreshed; ready to start my new adventure. Remember to be polite when applying fragrance in public, and here are my Top 5 Fragrance Etiquette Tips.

While you are traveling don’t forget to hydrate and drink plenty of water the day before your trip. And you can always leave your house with a leave-in conditioner in your hair. Wrap it in a scarf, and you’ll get a deep-conditioning treatment while you earn the miles — excellent for combating the overly dry air on board.

I hope everyone’s is having a wonderful summer!

Pacifica Beauty Arrives at Target

I have been a big fan of Pacifica fragrances for a long time. Indian Coconut Nectar is my favorite scent and so I always carry the little fragrance tin in my purse for quick touch ups.  So recently shopping at Target I became pleasantly surprised to discover the Pacifica line in the beauty section.

Pacifica, beauty, heather neisworth, mascara, target

The hunt for the perfect Mascara is always on my mind, so I had to purchase Pacifica Stellar Gaze in Black Supernova. It makes my lashes full and long and conditions them, and is Paraben free; all in all a good purchase. I have since noticed online there is a waterproof version of the Mascara called Aquarian Gaze that is available only online which I would like to try so Target if you are listening please put it in your stores.  


 I couldn’t pass up the Coconut Kiss Creamy Lip Butter.  Free from Paraben’s, Phthalate’s and Petroleum, the scent is divine and the colors are subtle.  Phthalate’s are a family of chemicals that have been used for decades to make plastic more pliable and cosmetics smoother in case you were wondering. I purchased the Light Pink and since the color is subtle I use it when I use little makeup on the weekends or am working around the house.  




I also had to add the Indian Coconut Nectar “Take Me There” set to my shopping cart.  Well it is my favorite scent and the kit contains a roll-on perfume, full-sized Color Quench Lip Tint and a mini body butter.  All sizes are TSA friendly so they can go on all of my travels, and there is nothing better than refreshing yourself with a friendly scent after being on a long flight.

There is much more to the Pacifica line including: Mineral BB Cream, an Ultra CC Cream (with SPF 17), Mineral Lip Tints, Eye Shadow and more. 

And if you are wondering what is the difference between a BB, CC and DD Cream check out my past post to find out what formula is perfect for your skin.



Charles James: Beyond Fashion Exhibit

The Charles James: Beyond Fashion exhibit is a stunning new exhibit in honor of the famous couturier held at the newly renovated Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


The focus of the exhibit are gowns, and the designer’s creative process. Recently, the Met held the infamous Met Gala Red Carpet where the stars came out in full force to celebrate the kick off of the exhibit which resides partly in the new Anna Wintour Costume Center. 

So if beautiful, whimsical gowns make your heart flutter you will love this show, and it’s also the first to be split between two locations within the museum. The first half is inside the Costume Center; the second half is within the special exhibition galleries on the first floor.


All of the clothing are broken down into four categories: Spirals & Wraps; Drapes & Folds; Platonic Form; and Anatomical Cut.


Charles James is known as “America’s First Couturier” and the exhibit shows the techniques and details surrounding the creation of each dress. The exhibit shows the viewer this technique as a  small spotlight moves around each dress on display, giving information on that exact part displayed on the screen giving the visitor the opportunity to figure out what’s inside of the dreamy creation.

There’s also a scrapbook on display with photos from Bill Cunningham who was friends with the designer.

The exhibit runs from Thursday, May 8th and through August 10th and will be another blockbuster show that I look forward to seeing.