Color is redefined with the Cher Dior line of jewelry

Victoire de Castellane just created a new line of jewelry for Dior and the result is spectacular.

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(Here is the backside view of earrings to show the delicate lace effect.)

Drenched in colors and bathed in light these beautiful baubles are uncommon color combinations made to be seen from far away.

The delicate floral designs which are part of the Cher Dior collection remind me a beautiful summer garden and contain pink, yellow, blue and purple sapphires, rubies, diamonds, garnets and Paraiba tourmalines.


(Here is the front view.)

The collection was conceived as an imaginary letter to Monsieur Dior and is an homage to the firm’s couture atelier.

The pieces are designed to mimic the finest embroidery and the stones were curated over the last two years, hailing from places as far-flung as the American Southwest and Hong Kong.

I really do think Marie Antoinette would be proud to wear these beauties and I would be proud to wear them too.


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