Top Travel Picks

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Are you planning any trips this summer season?
I recently took a trip to South America which required two planes and a layover and a few simple necessities made the journey extremely enjoyable.
Because I love to snack I always keep a few Kind bars on hand.  I especially love the Cranberry Almond Antioxidant kind that are also Gluten free.
A beautiful and functional scarf keeps me warm and fights off any chills, and a beautiful T-shirt allows me to be stylish and dress in layers to be prepared for any change in temperature. To keep my skin looking and feeling good Ole Henriksen Vitamin C cleansing cloths give my skin necessarily nourishment while handy lip balm fights chapped lips and a good hand cream like Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Intensive Smoothing Hand Cream keeps hands happy.
A good tip is to have some Muji travel containers on hand to place items such as hand cream that can be too big to pass TSA regulations, into your travel bag. Muji’s containers come in various sizes, meet TSA regulations and are clear so you can easily see what you need as you look through the bottom of your bag.
Happy travels for your next trip and hope these ideas help you enjoy your next journey.

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