Kate Spade opens virtual stores

Kate Spade is embracing Web 2.0 by opening digital storefronts and offering 24-hour delivery in New York City to launch the new Saturday collection of clothes and accessories.


Capitalizing on mobile shopping trends, the virtual stores have no inventory and no store associates on site. This experiment will begin to redefine the shopping experience and directly responds to consumer needs to purchase items ‘on demand’.

 The four shoppable interactive windows, created in partnership with eBay, are being placed in formerly vacant retail stores and contain clothing and accessories in the window. The colorful windows allow people passing to casually window shop.

kate-spade-saturday-store-NYC-1 fashion new york fashion week clothing travel gifts designer clothing virtual store new york city technology marketing trends shopping trends

If something catches their eye, a large touch-screen displays the online items so each customer can browse and obtain specific product information any time of the day.


Making a purchase such as this funky iPad case is as simple as entering a mobile phone number.

A confirmation text is sent and following approval, a messenger will deliver the products within select NYC areas within an hour for free.

Payment takes place upon delivery; similar to purchasing take-out.

Only time will determine if consumers only want the ease and convenience of mobile shopping; or will continue to value  the in-store sensory experience with human interaction.

I hope the traditional store continues to stay ‘popular’ for I appreciate nothing more than to experience shopping ‘in person’.  For me the experience is key, it means to touch, feel and try-on a soft Cashmere sweater, or hold a beautifully crafted leather purse or to schedule lunch with a friend after shopping or simply to receive help from a friendly retail clerk.


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