Moncler Grenoble at New York Fashion Week Fall 2013

Moncler merges art and fashion for one special show.


photo (53)

photo (54)

For Fall 2013 Monclear Grenoble pushed the envelope for New York fashion Week for the VIPs and Fashion Press who gathered at Gotham Hall and this year was no exception.  I was very fortunate to be invited to the show and upon hearing about their previous ice skating show in Central Park for Fall 2012, I couldn’t wait to see how art, fashion and music would be combined to create one of the most ‘talked about shows’ for the season.

Upon entering the building visitors were treated to complete darkness with dimly lit chandeliers and a completely black hallway, draped in curtains, that lead into an area in which over 300 models were standing in a dark room standing completely still and elevated in a perfect circle around the spectators.  The feeling was of a modern day coliseum, but the fashionistas were in the center ring.

After a few moments in drenched darkness, the theme from Star Wars began playing loudly and a carefully orchestrated light-show glittered on the models clad in Monclear’s popular puffer jackets, headgear and gloves in shades of black, emerald green, gray and beige.

The show was an overwhelming display of color, sound and audible gasps from the crowd who didn’t hold back showing their surprise at such a fascinating way to show at New York Fashion Week.


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