No-Tech Weekend

No-Tech Weekend
Sometime you just need a technology break so as the weather promises to be beautiful I have decided to move at a slower pace this weekend.
Some things on my list this weekend is to read The Great Gatsby before the Baz Luhrmann film comes out which embraces the inner English Lit major in me, listen to the entire Justin Timberlake album and enjoy a green break at the National Arboretum for the Bonsai Festival.
My goal is to stay away from technology this weekend and give my mind a break to enjoy the finer things.

Mobile Mind Shift

iphone-5-comparisonKeeping track of technology trends can be overwhelming but I love it and it is a good part of my job.

A fascinating trend called  The Mobile Mindshift is a relevant game changer shaking up the world of mobile, and it is a term that you will need to get acquainted with now and in the future if you are in marketing, technology or own a business or service.

Coined by Forrester Research, the Mobile Mind Shift Index talks about the power of mobile connectivity.  It states mobile is not a just a technology trend, but a complete shift in the psychology of consumers, who now expect companies to be mobile and offer solutions to consumer questions and problems.

This switch in consumer needs shows an emphasis on ‘intelligent services’ rather than fancy advertising campaigns and people who expect quick access to information via mobile devices.

Search, influenced by intent and expectation will be revolutionized as as the current state of search engine marketing is infused with a new type of personalized search.

While currently only 22% of consumers have made the Mobile Shift, Forrester has identified six stages of mobile users, ranging from Disconnecteds, who show no signs of shifting, to Perpetuals, who have shifted completely.

So as online search won’t be changing anytime soon, this is the time to prepare as this new level of engagement will impact the areas of tagging, content creation and ways to connect and engage audiences.

Simply Skin for Spring

Simply Skin
The changing season is a good time to review your skincare routine and consider new possibilites with many of the new beauty products just launched.
Kiehl’s Abyssine eye cream brightens the delicate eye area with hydrating and anti-aging properties while Garnier BB Cream improves skin with yummy Vitamin C and vitamins to give skin a new glow and  La Mer Regenerating Serum promotes collagen.
And while you take care of your skin don’t forget the healthy of your hair. Aveda Invati helps thinning hair and Big Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo ensures you to keep your perfect ‘do’ longer as it absorbs oils to keep hair fresh.

Sexy stockings with a twist

Emilio Cavallini Fishnet ankle socks are genius.

Made with a touch of Spandex these unique sock hoisery  (or sockoisery) keep their shape and are light enough to wear with heels.

Let’s not forget the adorable collar at the top that makes these adorable and the size is perfect to wear to wear in the warm summer weather with dresses, skirts or shorts.

The black and Lavender are perfect with all of the black dresses I own, but the sockoisery come in vibrant shades of Lemonade, Raspberry, Tangerine, Parisian Blue and Ivory which are perfect for the color trend that moves into summer and even fall and gives a fun twist to your look.

A Visit to C.O. Bigelow Chemists

During my last trip to New York City to attend the shows at Fashion Week I made a special stop to C.O Bigelow Chemists in the Village.

C.O. Bigelow is America’s oldest apothecary which opened in 1838.  And to give a little perspective of how long this special store has been in existence in 1838 Samuel Morse debuted the telegraph, Martin Van Buren was the President of the United States and Louis Daguerre unveiled the “Boulevard du Temple” the first photo which contained a person in Paris.

photo (47)

Left with a few hours between show I hopped on the metro to the Village in search of some unique beauty finds and to get some information on the best selling eye treatment for dark circles and puffiness and BB Cream. BB Cream is a product that contains foundation, moisturizer and sunblock properties all in one.

photo (48)

Wandering around the shop I was approached by a very helpful employee named Myanh. Myanh was very patient to hear about my concerns and product needs, and when hearing about my quest recommended Dr. Dennis Gross Eye cream and Jane Iredale BB Cream.

Unfortunately, the BB Cream was out of stock so Myanh kindly made me a generous sample so I could have enough time to test out the product to determine if it was right for me.  She also suggested that I can call the shop and order the item then have it directly shipped to my home which was a nice personalized touch.  Actually it was very refreshing to have personalized service and a connection with a name and friendly face.

photo (49)

After my personalized consultation, I continued to wander at the store looking at the gorgeous displays and unique brands.  Choice is abundant at C.O Bigelow as the store carries items from all over the world, and any trip inside is a feast for the eyes.

photo (50)Sometimes the packaging is so beautiful I don’t think I would want to use the product.

photo (51)

Proraso, the exclusive Italian shaving line for men known for the eucalyptus shaving soap decorates the shelves.

New York Fashion Week, NYFW, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, New York City, NYC, C.O. Bigelow Chemists

The store also carries beautiful accessories and jewelry. Thankfully I was able to stick to purchasing the eye cream but my plan is to return again soon.

Morning Pick Me Up


My new favorite obsession are fun nail colors.

But I don’t want to buy just any brand, so what I look for beauty products are those that are free of toxins and parabens, and that’s why I love my new find Scotch Naturals which is actually a water-based, vegan, toxin and paraben free nail formula.

  Orange is big for spring, but finding the perfect shade can be difficult; Canal Street Daisy is a brand new style of an orange pink touched with a hint of  Geranium that is a nice, modern hue.


Emerald is the Color of the Year and so Seething Jealousy, a teal green is very cool.


Lavender makes me happy so Morning Glory Fizz strikes a perfect cord.