Gilt City Warehouse Memories

I received a special opportunity to attend the media”first look” at the Gilt City Warehouse Sale this weekend. The impeccable choices and enthusiastic crowd made for a special evening.

I have to admit my heart was broken when I saw a beautiful pair of Repetto ballet flats, sitting on the shoe table practically winking at me, and as I went up to meet my heart’s delight I sadly discovered the shoes were a size 6. Thankfully, my heart was consoled at the site of a beautiful Tai bracelet of leather and stones of a beautiful robin’s egg shade; and as for my search for Repetto flats that is just another reason that I need to head to Paris this year.

Gilt City Recap

The set up of the sale felt like an fabulous boutique.

photo (42)

The shopping choices were abundantly beautiful but took the act of ‘shopping’ to a competitive level.

photo (44)

The Gilt related Tweets were fast and furious as attendees couldn’t help but share the good news of their fantastic buys.

Until next year Gilt, till then I will find you online.


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